August 2016

Do all men cheat? No, I don’t think that all men cheat but here at London escorts we do come across a lot of gents who cheat on their wives. That is not very nice at all, and sometimes I do feel really guilty when I realize that a man is cheating on his wife. But, how do you stop your man from cheating? Like most of the other girls here at London escorts, I do know that it is not the easiest task to accomplish. It is also important to appreciate that it takes two to tango as they say.

My first tip to all women out there would be to get your husband involved in your life. Sometimes a lot of women have this ability to not make their partners involved in their lives. You would be surprised how many men complain about not feeling part of their partners lives. The thing is that men never grow up, and it is important to appreciate that you are just as much of a mother figure as his mum. Lots of London escorts appreciate that it is hard for men to let go of the aprons strings.

You really don’t need to be a sexy goddess to be a part of your husband’s wife, but keeping yourself nice and good looking does help. I know that it is not easy, and most women these days put up with both work and children. Once again, a lot of London escorts feel it comes down to getting him involved in your life. Tell him what you need help with and I am sure that he would be willing to help. Like all London escorts know, men do need constant training.

Lead a busy life helps as well. If you do things together as a couple or a family, your husband is less likely to stray. A lot of the gents that I date at London escorts seem to have too much time on their hands. They are always scratching for a new hobby. Yes, it is great to have a hobby, but it should not be London escorts when you are married. Find something that the entire family can do together, and you will have a much better home life. It may surprise a lot of ladies, but men really do like to feel part of the family.

The sex thing is important as well. Try to hang onto a little bit of what you had before the kids came along. It is hard to do that, and being up at 2 am with a sick child does not really make you feel sexy at all. But, if you work together with your husband, you will find that you are more of a unit. That means that he will think more about you, and don’t really have a lot of time over for girls like London escorts. Married life is never easy, but if you try hard, it can be a lot of fun and you will be able to create strong family bonds with a lot of positive memories.…