Bond Street Escorts on Enjoying a Drink

Let’s be honest, we all enjoy a drink from time to time. Most of us do not need an excuse to pop down to the pub or the local bar with our mates. We are happy to do so, but unfortunately having a drink out these days can be very expensive. This is why so many people enjoy a drink in their own homes instead. Bond Street escorts say that their favorite tipple in their own homes is wine, but what do they girls enjoy drinking when they go out. Drinking can be a bit of an on the job danger for our girls as their dinner dates often like a drink.

Mira from Bond Street escorts says that she still loves a Gin and Tonic. I find a Gin and Tonic very refreshing she says and I could easily have two before dinner. But, I am a good girl so I don’t, I realize that I might end up having wine with dinner so it is best to pace yourself she says. My favorite recipe is not with lemon, it is with a slice of cucumber. I find this so much more refreshing but sometimes I do go for a slice of lime instead.

Bond Street Escorts
Bond Street Escorts
Elaine from Bond Street escorts says that her favorite drink is a glass of cold white wine. I do have my favorite and I like a Pinot Noir or I go for a Chardonnay. I find both wines very easy to drink and they are not to sweet. Mind you, sometimes I like to have a glass of red before dinner but I prefer to have mine chilled. Not all bars serve cold red wine and that is a bit unfortunate. Abroad a lot of people drink cold red wine and I am not so sure why we don’t do it here.

Arena from another Bond Street escorts agency loves sangria. It is not a wine and it is not a cocktail. I think it is so much nicer to drink than beer, spirits or wine. When I have a dinner date I do drink wine but I always ask for a bottle of water as well. Wine is not a great favorite of mine but I do not want to upset the gent. I prefer white wine over red wine so I always hope the date orders white wine. The problem is that most men like red.

Bond Street escorts are always very careful when it comes to drinking and dating. Most of the girls will only have a glass of wine with dinner and then drink water. Party girls seem to be able to handle their drink much better but not all escorts in Bond Street work as party girls. As a matter of fact, even party girls are becoming aware of the hazards of drinking and try to take it easy on nights out. Too much alcohol is not good for your liver and we all know alcohol is full of calories that we don’t need.

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