A Bloody Kind Of Pleasure

Everyone is kinky in their own way in bed. No matter how you look at it, from which ever point of view that may be, period sex is a technique just like any other. While most people find it abhorrent, especially men, some find it very gratifying as means to use to get turned on. Some men and women wait for those two to three days in the month to really pull out all the stops in bed. Here is some information that could help you try to explore this technique.

Doctors say it’s Safe

According to Tara Ford, a Gynecologist at Medical Center for Female Sexuality in Purchase New York, Period sex is safe. It’s natural, and many people for a long time have been having period sex. It may be a bit messy but it doesn’t hurt anyone.

It helps with Cramps

According to most women asked why they engaged in period sex, they stated this as one of the chief reasons. That after a couple of days of painful menstrual cramps, the pleasure of having sex during the flow really makes it’s all worth it. It’s not only psychological but medical too, since persons with Dysmenorrhea have used orgasms as natural pain reliever for this form of menstrual cramp. I have one fried whose husband calls it pity sex, because he feels so bad for her painful cramps and knows how much sex can help.

Natural lubricant

Due to allergies, many people suffer when trying to use lube. Allergic reactions can even occur from vaginal fluid, semen, or chemicals from condoms. These people have found using menstrual flow as lube is much safer, simpler and comfortable to use. Most have complimented it as the best lube ever.

Information that you need to know

It’s pretty messy but it can be avoided. Menstrual cups can reduce the amount allowed to pass. There are also certain positions which will reduce the flow. To avoid messes in the bed, keep a thick towel beneath you. The easiest way to have sex during the flow is to do it in the shower. You get to have fun and all the mess just goes right down the drain.

It’s natural to want to explore sexual options that are a bit unorthodox. Before engaging in period sex you should talk with your partner and understand your comfort levels.

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